being self confident not over confident

First of all we need to understand properly what is self-confidence, and if we not so how to being self-confident?

As we know without confident we cannot present ourselves in front of anybody, if we don’t have confident we never grows up. So don’t worry we have many ways to being self-confident.

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When we sure what we feel and present ourselves in front of anybody with what you are! Feeling sure of yourselves and your abilities, but yup!!!! Not in an arrogant way, but in a realistic way and secure way. Believing yourselves is the way of confident.

What is over confident?

Confidence is not about feeling superior to others. The quality of having an unrealistically and highly opinion of owns judgment, ability, power and so on. Underestimating the enemy can induce laziness and encourage overconfidence. Because of over confidence you lost their respect, people going to starting judge you and do not understand  you and yourself.

How to build self-confident?

To achieve our personal goals and make ourselves truly happy, we need to develop and maintain our- self-confidence and happy , don’t confuse , do whatever you want , just relax yourself , don’t judge yourself , control your anger, set some goals, build your way of thinking, accept your faults and fine it all.

There are actually so many things to losing your confidence because of color, height, body. Doing meditation, yoga, exercise, listing songs doing dance and painting writing your thoughts and most important thing don’t take stress and be positive and be happy.





How one confident person lose their confident?

First of all nowadays we can see that everybody judging each other by their religion, caste, gender, color, by poor, don’t know why? Everybody feel down in another person by all these kind of things. And so many people lose their confident in front of anybody.

One examples as a small story about losing confidence:-

story of Ruhi

A one girl who always love herself, she always confident, happy, always smiling, girl name is ruhi. She always respect other people, teachers, parents, and friends, family and so on. Now she is in 16 year old age, she feel more possessive herself she know what is bad for her and what is good for her.


One day her female teacher going to starting her touching badly, ruhi feel unusual and uncomfortable now ruhi starting thinking more , now 3-4 days left everything goes increase badly her teacher starting harass her and giving bad kind of threating her now all these days passed by and ruhi suffering a lot.

she lose her confidence she didn’t like herself , her interest on study goes down , now she didn’t have that kind of confidence which help to talking to her parents and sharing that kind of things. Now her life is becoming unhappy , not talking with anyone not trust anyone , she feel scary with the other girls, and women.

After 3 years one boy comes to her life and change her life now she going to share her feeling with that boy, a boy increase her confident now she becoming love herself , she take decision to sharing this thing with her parents, her parents understand all things and short all the things.

So the moral is in every person life comes problems you should face all the problems with confidently and smartly otherwise you tangled up with your problems. Don’t take tension how people think about your problems.

Some NGOS who helping you and build your confidence such as

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