The Future -Think about your career!

Think about your career!

Our life is divide in three parts. Past,present and future.We take birth in past Leave in present and always think about our future.People spend their whole life for think about future.But it’s chellenge us again to again.Because dreams never stop.We have many question about future in our mind.

meaning of future

What is a prevision?

The meaning of prevision is”The time has come on”.We use the other word for this “Foresight”.The word foresight is made of two parts: fore, which means “before,” and sight, which means “to perceive.” People often perceive things with their eyes.

This is vision, or sight. But vision can also describe what someone thinks will happen in the future — and foresight is planning for things before they happen. Tomorrow is not a small part of our life .when we take birth our parents started to think about our tomorrow.

They start to take many change in their life . they are busy to earn lost of money .They take many long term plan for saving money for our prevision. By that they always try to give us good prevision.

Why should we seeing ahead ?

We should think about long term.Because we can’t depend on our past and present.if we don’t want to take stress . we should find the solution .Those person always had a long term plan of their life .

They always enjoy their life. If we don’t grow up and just have regret about our past .WE can’t do anything in our life.don’t be think anyone will do anything for you.Because we all are selfish .We only just think about ourselves. that is n’t a reason we don’t want to think about anyone .

Evenly the problem is we all don’t have time for other. so if we have future plan can get success in any field.

What should we plan for tomorrow?

We should plan for tomorrow.Because it’s not give a time for planing. Today we all are doing our job for seeing ahead.we lot’s of money and spend it all for comeplet our daily needs.

That a big reason our future is blank.That time we just have regret.So never forget to think about prevision.For amend our tomorrow we can take many saving plan sach as ; Life insurance, Medical claim and can open an account in any bank.these all are that stairs who save our future .

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Our aim

If we always think about that time to has coming . we live happy. So we should n’t forget our past, live in present,and think about future .

this poem is related to future
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