Struggling will make you stronger

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Your struggle is part of your success story

Imagine you got what you want every time, without hard work, struggle or challenges.

Imagine you got everything you wanted without any pain, setbacks and failures. You may say that would be great! But you would be weak, and then when something difficult comes up in your life, you wouldn’t know how to handle it.

You would lose all the great things you had acquired because you wouldn’t know how to handle the obstacles, failures and negative opinions from others. Your accomplishments would fall like a house of cards.

Success is a process not a result. Most people think that having material wealth or titles is the definition of real success, but they are wrong.

Success is the mental transformation of an individual from being mentally fragile to become mentally strong.

Through experiences such as setbacks, failures and numerous obstacles you face and overcome in your quest to achieving your goals, your mind becomes hardened in preparation for your reward.

Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn, an influential personal development author, once gave a story of how he lost his first fortune a million dollars because he didn’t know how to handle it. He quickly observed that “whether you win or earn a million dollars, best you quickly learn how to be a millionaire, or you will lose it.”

He was able to make his second fortune much easily because he had now learnt how to make and keep a million dollars. He concluded by saying that………

Success is more about learning the process of achieving your goal rather than enjoying the fruits of your labor because it will be easier to get back what you have acquired if you lose it.”

Without going through struggle, you would be weak because you will never have gone through something that strengthens you.

You cannot grow without a struggle

You can’t develop your strength without resistance; you can’t get what you want without challenging yourself.

Unless you are ready to fight for what you want, you will not get it

Most people will remain in mediocrity because they are unwilling to undergo the pain of abnormal growth to transform into people who are mentally strong.

They are unwilling to embrace struggle because they lack self-discipline; they are unwilling to embrace the struggle because they are not hungry enough for their dreams!

How badly do you want to live your dream life?

If you want it so bad, then you will embrace the struggle and the pain because it is these sacrifices that will take you to where you want.

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